Mayfield Knapsack Fertilizer Applicator

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Durban - South Africa
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South Africa


Knapasack Fertilizer Dispenser for the accurate manual dosing of granule fertilizer / powder to individual seedlings.

The Mayfield Knapsack Granule Fertilizer or Nematicide Dispenser accurately applies a measured dose of flowable powder or granules per individual plant when triggered, i.e. for use in forestry, nurseries, orchards and vineyards etc. This allows for maximising labour productivity and eliminating wastage.

The product consists of a knapsack, designed to support a volume of fertilizer / nematicide or any other flowable powder or granules. The granule fertilizer or nematicide dispenser operates on a similar principal as the granule fertilizer applicator, where the granules gravitate from the knapsack to the dispenser gun unit. There are three sizes of dispenser gun, each dispensing different volume ranges per triggered dose.

1.      Small dispenser, dispensing from 0.4 to 4 grams

2.      Medium dispenser, dispensing from 5 to 25 grams

3.      Large dispenser, dispensing from 20 to 300 grams

Depressing a handle triggers the dispensers; this allows a predetermined volume of fertilizer to be dispensed. Releasing the handle recharges the unit. 

There are 2 nozzle attachments to the dispenser gun for different fertilizer distribution requirements.

1.      Ring nozzle attachment, used for the placement of fertilizer in a concentric ring around seedlings. The inverted funnel nozzle is held over the plant, shielding the plant from fertilizer fall-out.

2.      Sub-surface / spot nozzle attachment, used for the placement of fertilizer at a specific area or into a hole for sub-surface application.